Clear TEM imaging of moving specimen

The essential solution of the issue is faster imaging than the thermal drift velocity.
Semiconductor photocathodes have the advantage of faster pulse electron beam than the thermal drift velocity.
Moreover semiconductor photocathode can also generate large current over 1mA.

TEM imaging of moving specimenby the direct and pulsed e-beam(motion velocity = 2um/s)

Clear Image : Pulse e- beam from p-InGaN photocathode Blurring Image : Direct current e- beam
(Conventional technology)
Beam peak current 2.1 uA
Pulse width = 5 ms
Interval = 100 ms
Charge per frame 11 nC / frame
Beam current 13nA
Charge per frame 13 nC / frame

High current and Large area e-beam system for processing applications

Accelerating voltage Tunable up to -1kV
Beam current 4mA(current)
Emission size Φ20mm
Dimensions 650×550×135
Weight 36kg