Our mission is to rebuild the worlds of fine observation and manufacturing by photocathode technologies.
Electron beam is currently a key element in these fields and used in various devices such as semiconductor inspection equipment, electron microscopes, and metal additive manufacturing. In spite of importance of it, electron beam technology, has not been changed for almost 40 years, and their performances were supposed to be reached a limit.
Photo electron Soul does break the limit and our photocathode technologies generate ultra-high performance electron beams in coherence, electrical current, and beam shapes (e.g. pulse beam). We can realize fine observation and manufacturing you’ve never obtained before, and bring break through and new findings in variety fields such as life science, material, and electronics to you.

About us

CompanyPhoto electron Soul Inc.
EstablishedJuly 1st, 2015
RepresentativeTakayuki Suzuki
BusinessR&D and manufacturing photocathode electron beam systems
LocationsNagoya University,Incubation Facility, Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-0814, Japan

Technical Summary

Our electron beam is generated by irradiation of light to the cathode (photoelectric effect).
We have chosen semiconductors as the cathode materials, and been developing the systems which is reasonable for industrial use in cost, size, and so on.
Our electron beam depends on the proven technologies which have been developed at Nagoya University for more than 30 years.




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